Second nature as a critical paradigm

Crina Archer, Laura Ephraim and Lida Maxwell (eds.)
Second Nature: Rethinking the Natural Through Politics
Bronx, NY: Fordham University Press, 2013

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At a time when the denaturalising turn in political theory is more frequently than not either ignored or used to illicitly cover over naturalising tendencies in our understanding of human existence and political action, this anthology’s work toward destabilising the onto-normative claims of the dominant political is a timely addition to thinking through politics and ‘nature’. The editors of the anthology propose that these essays attend to ‘second nature’ as a critical lens through which we can evaluate other notions of political hybridity, and also as a positive paradigm that ‘portrays contestation over the relationship between nature and politics as constitutive of those domains – of their norms, their boundaries, and their sense of wholeness’ (p. 17).

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