Creation of Reality | The Crag International Confluence 2015 |

‘Creation of Reality’: Towards an Interdisciplinary and Comprehensive understanding
Conference, workshop and round table
Open to the public – Free attendance

Thursday 3 December – Saturday 5 December 2015
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, U.K.
convenor: Luis de Miranda, director of the Crag

‘Creation of Reality’: Towards an Interdisciplinary and Comprehensive understanding

(guest speakers: see bellow)

Since the second half of the 20th century, ‘creation of reality’ is a compound that has gained exponential momentum in books and other publications (fiction and non-fiction).

creation of reality culturomics

[frequency of the signifier ‘creation of reality’ in English fiction and non-fiction books from 1850 to 2008]

The general increase in the human belief that reality is, or can be to differing extents, created by us, is apparent in social processes of empowerment or disempowerment. ‘Creation of reality’ is also a growing scheme within the humanities, in the diverse corrugations of social constructivism. It is also vivid in the science-fictional idea of terraforming or planetary engineering, or in New Age beliefs of supra-agency. Contemporary philosophers of mind touch the ‘creation of reality’ theme through discussions on cognitive enhancement, virtual reality, or contemplative reprogramming, and they explore our cognitive capacities to shape our surroundings beyond our organismic apparatus. And last but not least, in the last five decades, growing environmental consciousness and interest for holistic life-on-earth studies seem to call for the development of an interdisciplinary comprehension (a meta-geobiology?) of Nature (more and more artefactual), and Technoculture (more and more perceived as natural).
This conference and workshop, organized by the Creation of Reality Group, sponsored by the University of Edinburgh researcher-led fund and hosted by the School of Literature, Languages and Cultures, will be the first international Crag Confluence. We will receive 20 excellent international scholars from all fields: philosophy, discourse analysis, social epistemology, politics, foucauldian genealogy, environmental studies, cognitive sciences, history, education, anthropology, robotics, sociology, cultural studies and the humanities.

Open to the public – Free attendance
Thursday 3 December – Saturday 5 December 2015
University of Edinburgh

Keynote speakers (some of which to be confirmed, and others to be announced):
Tim Ingold, University of Aberdeen: One World Anthropology
Christopher Beedham, University of St Andrews: The Linguistic Creation of Reality, in Grammar and in Ideology
Martin Crowley, University of Cambridge

Keynote talks will be 30-40 minutes long, followed by a Q&A session
Papers will be 20-30 minutes long followed by a discussion
The registration for the conference is free.

The location of the conference will be:
The University of Edinburgh
School of literatures, languages and cultures
50 George Square – Project Room

Contact: Luis de Miranda, director of the Crag





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  1. Hi Luis,

    I was intrigued by the theme of the conference. It seems open enough to touch upon one of the issues I want to address in a research proposal I’m working on about reading and critical capacity and utopian thought. Maybe we could have a chat sometime. I am in Sociology.

    Best wishes,

    Angelica Thumala

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