The Utopian Content of Reification

The Utopian Content of Reification: Adorno’s Critical Social Theory of Nature Christopher Buck DOI:10.5422/fordham/9780823251414.003.0007 In this chapter, Chris Buck argues for a “critical social theory of nature” that requires a reconstruction of the immanent/transcendent relation. Finding resources for such a reconstruction in Theodor Adorno’s critical reinterpretation of Marx’s theory of exchange value, Buck argues for […]

The Anarchist Banker is back

Since the financial crisis of 2007-2009, the ethics of those who work in the banking sector have come under special scrutiny. Indeed, the world of finance has long carried a moral taint, one which has been more than occasionally depicted and addressed in works of literary fiction. A highly illuminating and penetrating case in point […]

Second nature as a critical paradigm

Crina Archer, Laura Ephraim and Lida Maxwell (eds.) Second Nature: Rethinking the Natural Through Politics Bronx, NY: Fordham University Press, 2013 At a time when the denaturalising turn in political theory is more frequently than not either ignored or used to illicitly cover over naturalising tendencies in our understanding of human existence and political action, […]

French institute UK announces sponsorship of CRAG 2015

Catherine Robert, the Higher Education Attaché for the United Kingdom at the French Institute UK has announced that they will be among the sponsors the CRAG – Creation of Reality Group conference, in order to allow the participation of 2 young researchers from French academic institutions. CALL FOR PAPERS OF THE CRAG CONFLUENCE 2015 HERE

3 first keynotes speakers – Crag Confluence 2015

We are glad to announce that the 3 following eminent speakers have given their principle agreement to participate to the Crag Confluence 2015: – Tim Ingold, anthropologist – Mioara Mugur Schächter, quantum scientist. – Christopher Beedham, linguist, author of The Structural Creation of Reality

An Agent-Based Model of Social Identity Dynamics

Paul Smaldino, Cynthia Pickett, Jeffrey Sherman and Jeffrey Schank (2012) According to optimal distinctiveness theory (ODT), individuals prefer social groups that are relatively distinct compared to other groups in the individuals’ social environment. Distinctive groups (i.e., groups of moderate relative size) are deemed “optimal” because they allow for feelings of inclusion and social connection while […]

Creation of Reality | The Crag International Confluence 2015 |

‘Creation of Reality’: Towards an Interdisciplinary and Comprehensive understanding Conference, workshop and round table Open to the public – Free attendance CRAG CONFLUENCE 2015 Thursday 3 December – Saturday 5 December 2015 University of Edinburgh Edinburgh, U.K. convenor: Luis de Miranda, director of the Crag ‘Creation of Reality’: Towards an Interdisciplinary and Comprehensive understanding (guest […]