[11 February 2015] The Creativity of Undergoing, a talk by Tim Ingold

Timothy Ingold Lecture Theatre 50 George Square 11 February 2015 5.30 Listen to the talk and Q&A session here Creativity is often portrayed as an X-factor that accounts for the spontaneous generation of the absolutely new. Yet the obsession with novelty implies a focus on final products and a retrospective attribution of their forms to […]

Next Wednesday, first Crag meeting 2015 – Let us ‘Play Gods’

Playing God(s) – Virtual World Creation, Online Spirituality and the Law – a talk by Burkhard Schafer. Crag Seminar 14 January 2015: Lecture Theatre G.03 – 5.30 pm A talk by: Burkhard Schafer Professor of Computational Legal Theory Director, SCRIPT Centre for IT and IP University of Edinburgh School of Law b.schafer@ed.ac.uk http://www.law.ed.ac.uk/people/burkhardschafer Abstract: The […]

What are the building blocks of reality?

Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies Project directed by Dr. Anna Marmodoro “What are the building blocks of reality?” The driving research hypothesis of the project is that in the first millennium of ancient Western thought the constitution of all there is was accounted for with powers as the sole elementary building block in ontology. Powers […]