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crag-session-14 january 2015

When Groups Know More than their Members Do: The Creation of Epistemic Group Agents and the Acquisition of Collective Knowledge, at talk and debate with Orestis Palermos, University of Edinburgh, EIDYN Centre, Extended Knowledge Project, Department of Philosophy.

Wednesday 28 January, at 5.30, Edinburgh time.

Edinburgh LLC Lecture Theatre – 50 George Square and on your computer screen, via live streaming on

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How do groups store, share, and generate knowledge? Moreover, can groups be intelligent agents in themselves, under which conditions, and what effects may this have on the previous set of questions? These are some of the questions I will address in this talk both from a philosophical and a cognitive science perspective while also considering concrete examples from the study of transactive memory systems (Wegner, Giuliano, & Hertel, 1985) and scientific research teams. In effect this will provide us with a clear grasp of the concepts of Group Knowledge and Epistemic Group Agents that we will then examine how to apply in the case of what Berners-Lee (Dertouzos, Berners-Lee, & Fischetti, 1999) calls ‘social machines’.

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