How to build a community? 2 day masterclass at the University of Edinburgh

How to build communities and influence people (2 day masterclass) Date: 19th Feb 2015 (10:00) to 20th Feb 2015 (16:00) Venue: 50 George Square, G.02 (Central Area) – The University of Edinburgh Neil Jameson, Chief Executive of Citizens UK with over 25 years’ experience as a community organiser and Hugh Murdoch, EUSA President 2013-14 who […]

Interdisciplinary? Quote of the day

“In academia, people talk about interdisciplinary thinking and courses and programs, but Lord help you if you try to make an interdisciplinary career, unless you are already so high that there is nothing they can do to you.” –Jared Diamond

Cultural Stereotypes and the Symbolic Creation of Reality

Open, Closed, and Locked Images Cultural Stereotypes and the Symbolic Creation of Reality Ruth Lillhannus In psychology, symbols are often seen as unconscious, mental constructs that surpass cultural differences. For linguists, a symbol might be a linguistic form embedded in the speech act and for anthropologists again a material object with a collectively created meaning […]

New Crag talk next Wednesday – live streaming

What? When Groups Know More than their Members Do: The Creation of Epistemic Group Agents and the Acquisition of Collective Knowledge, at talk and debate with Orestis Palermos, University of Edinburgh, EIDYN Centre, Extended Knowledge Project, Department of Philosophy. When? Wednesday 28 January, at 5.30, Edinburgh time. Where? Edinburgh LLC Lecture Theatre – 50 George […]

Promoting Self-Reflexivity in Intercultural Education

Read the paper here Abstract Self-reflexivity — having an ongoing conversation with your whole self about what you are experiencing as you are experiencing it — is a crucial skill for interculturalists, and I have been seeking to promote it when teaching intercultural communication in English to students of varying nationalities. This article will review […]

Researched-led fund awarded to The Crag for 2015

We are pleased to announce that the University of Edinburgh and its Institute for Academic Development have just rewarded The Crag project with a support from the Researcher-Led Fund – this will allow us to organise a conference before the end of 2015.