Your Brain is Built for Politics

*Neuropolitics Presentation: Your Brain is Built for Politics CMB Staff
Room, Mon 8 Dec 1pm*
Darren Schreiber, University of Exeter, introduces his fascinating new book
in a talk which will have wide-ranging appeal: for political psychologists;
electoral and political behaviour scholars; cognitive neuroscientists;
computational modellers; fMRI users and generally for anyone interested in
the relationship between brain, biology and behaviour.

*Your Brain is Built for Politics*
The book argues that Your Brain is Built for Politics, drawing from an
extensive body of research in biology and politics. Negotiating
increasingly complex and shifting coalitions drove the human brain to
evolve a set of mechanisms that modern humans now engage when they
participate in national politics. The book synthesizes results from six
brain imaging experiments, a large-n response latency study, and a
computational model of the visual cortex to explore how these brain
mechanisms underpin phenomena such as political sophistication, political
attitudes, racial attitudes, and moral reasoning. Predictions of party
affiliation with 82% accuracy, election results with 65-75% accuracy, and
both egalitarian attitudes and behaviors are achieved with surprisingly
simple models accounting for brain function. The product is a new view of
human nature. Biology is shown to be subservient to the demands of human
politics. Rather than a reductionist or deterministic argument, I contend
the shifting coalitions of human society require that we
are hardwired to not be hardwired.
Chrystal Macmillan Building
Staff Room, 6th Floor
Monday 8 Dec 2014 1pm
The University of Edinburgh

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