Schooling and social change

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The article presents the author’s imaginary interpretation of social and educational life after two centuries. It presents the creation and functioning of cyborgs. The author hypothesizes about cyborgs leading a digital life. He hypothesizes that by 2119, custodial systems for the mentally ill will get closed. They will be replaced by hibernaria that will provide theraputronic input. The Permadormancy Bureau estimated that by 2184, with a diminished global population of 88 million, all but 1.5 million unregulated humans would be installed and enjoying their choice of electronic input in the chrysalis like cubicles of hibernaria.

Two Centuries after: Schooling and Social Change in an Orwellian Futureworld
Harold G. Shane
The Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 65, No. 5 (Jan., 1984), pp. 337-341
Published by: Phi Delta Kappa International
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