Explorathon European Researchers’ Night

On Friday 26th September I’ll be helping out with the Explorathon European Researchers’ Night in Edinburgh.  It’s all about public engagement: getting research out of the universities and connecting with the public.  This time I won’t be talking about my research but helping out with some of the other exciting events going on in Edinburgh. Everything from ‘Meet the experts’, through ‘PhDs in an hour’ to ‘Steampunk Science’, covering topics from stem cells to teachers.  And its not just at night either.  Events start from 1pm and go on until late evening. Most events are free but you need to book for some of them. Find out more here: www.explorathon.co.uk/edinburgh

My involvement with Explorathon comes through the Beltane Public Engagement Network.  Through Beltane we try to make our research accessible to the general public.  Events like this provide exciting opportunities to do this in new and interesting ways.  An added bonus for me is that I get to meet researchers from universities across Scotland, doing research on a wide range of subjects, from science to medicine to languages and social science. We often find surprising connections in our research as well as good ideas about how to explain what we do to non-specialists.  You can meet some of them too through Explorathon.

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