The CCR aims to strengthen both scholarly and practical research in the field of international cultural relations by:

  • Encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations between relevant disciplines
  • Exploring the potential for data science and big data analysis to contribute to our understanding, particularly in the digitally networked public sphere
  • Developing innovative research agendas, both theoretical and practical
  • Building strategic research collaborations
  • Ensuring that research connects to practice.

Our area of research is the whole field of transnational engagement. This ranges from the actions of states and diplomats, through to all sorts of non-state actors, informal groups and individuals. A particular focus is how influence works at international level in a world where digital technologies are making communications across borders ever faster, cheaper and more complex.

The core research disciplines represented in the CCR are:

  • International Relations
  • Informatics
  • Public Policy
  • International business strategy
  • Culture in various forms
  • Communications and media
  • Sport

The CCR also aims to act as a hub for knowledge exchange, bringing together academic staff, users of research and wider groups and communities to exchange ideas, evidence and expertise.

The CCR is developing a Scottish Cultural Relations Network of research collaborations with Scotland’s other Universities to maximise research quality and interdisciplinary expertise.

We are also exploring the potential for international collaborations at the European and global levels.