Creating Sustainable Cultural Networks: a Workshop

Image supplied by GivRum

Image supplied by GivRum

The Centre for Cultural Relations (University of Edinburgh) and GivRum (Copenhagen) are presenting a workshop on how cities develop international cultural networks.

The workshop is part of the City Link Festival The Festival which runs from 24th-27th September 2015, fosters transnational and interdisciplinary relationships across cities. In 2015, City Link will connect the cultural communities of Edinburgh and Copenhagen. This year’s theme is ‘Democratic Renewal’, which will be explored through a diverse programme of symposia, workshops, exhibitions and performances.

It will involve artists, cultural organisations and academics in a conversation about how the short-term, multi-directional mobility offered by City Link and similar festivals creates connections, forms collaborations, and helps to establish transnational communities.

The aim is to explore how cultural networks between cities are established, maintained and made sustainable, with a focus on the roles of independent art organisations, civil society, cities and higher education. Mobility is an important part of the everyday life and practice of artists and academics. Both groups take part in short-term mobility in order to gain inspiration, form partnerships and contacts, and create networks and/or collaborations. Some of these pathways are well-established while other transnational connections (such as those being made via City Link) have only recently been formed. With each new connection linking up yet another city, and with every artist and academic presenting a different set of connections and trajectories, the idea of a ‘transnation’ is constantly developing, and forming multiple combinations of offline and online activities.

The workshop will therefore explore how these effects can help more liminal cities to become hubs for connections or ‘relational spaces’ which are connected to each other, and to wider global art and academic networks. It will also consider the extent to which artistic networks generate benefits beyond the network as a social space, for the artists, educators and cities involved. To do so it will consider case studies which draw on experience from non-European contexts, and from research and practice in networking between high and low trust societies.

Finally, the workshop will provide an opportunity to consider practical steps which can be taken through the City Link Festival network to develop sustainable networks for the future.

Due to pressure on numbers, this will be a closed workshop and participation is by invitation only.

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