Digital Life

AdobePhotoshopExpress_2a42ebb29d5e4bbbb6c73bb5e7e98aaaDoctoral students from across the University participated yesterday in a “Rapid Reflection Construction Event” organised by the Centre for Cultural Relations for the Scottish Government. The purpose of the event was to develop big picture thinking on digital life which would be used by Ministers and others to inform policy development.

The discussion touched on a huge range of topics. The focus was on (in)security, personal, societal and cultural in the digital space. It went much wider, however, including insights from economics and business; law; sociology and informatics. Continue reading

Creating Sustainable Cultural Networks: a Workshop

Image supplied by GivRum

Image supplied by GivRum

The Centre for Cultural Relations (University of Edinburgh) and GivRum (Copenhagen) are presenting a workshop on how cities develop international cultural networks.

The workshop is part of the City Link Festival The Festival which runs from 24th-27th September 2015, fosters transnational and interdisciplinary relationships across cities. In 2015, City Link will connect the cultural communities of Edinburgh and Copenhagen. This year’s theme is ‘Democratic Renewal’, which will be explored through a diverse programme of symposia, workshops, exhibitions and performances.

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Exploring the (in)security consequences of digital life

RR Model

Image supplied by the Scottish Government.

The Centre for Cultural Relations is pleased to host a Rapid Reflection Construction event with the Strategic Assessment team of the Scottish Government on 17 September.

We will soon live in a world in which for the first time in human history all people and all things will be connected through cyber technology. The “internet of everything” represents a fundamental shift in the national and international landscape with significant social, economic, political and legal implications. This technological change is characterised by exponential developments which makes it one of the most interesting and urgent issues of our time. Continue reading

Scotland and Germany: The Future for Sport, Cultural Relations and International Development


Image provided by the Scottish Football Museum.

The Centre for Cultural Relations and the Academy of Sport presented a discussion on the role of sport in cultural relations and international development on 8 September 2015.
The event was hosted by the Scottish Football Museum, Hampden Park, the day after the Scotland-Germany football match, and it kicked off a series of events the Centre is planning for 2015-16 which will explore the unique contribution Germany makes to the theory and practice of international cultural relations. Continue reading