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“Religions and their Publics” – Teaching Guide (James Bielo and Eric Hoenes del Pinal)


Bialecki, Jon (Reed College) – American Christianity: History and Culture

Bialecki, Jon (UCSD) – Anthropology, Religion, Politics

Bialecki, Jon (UCSD) – Anthropology of the Devil

Bialecki, Jon (Reed College) – Ethnography of Global Christianities 

Bialecki, Jon (UCSD) – Ethnography of Global Christianities: Lecture/Quarter Version 

Bodenhorn, Barbara and Richard Irvine (University of Cambridge) – Anthropology, Christianity, Conversion

Bolyanatz, A.H. (Wheaton College) – The Anthropology of Evangelical Christianity

Coleman, Simon (University of Toronto) – Words & Worship

Csordas, Thomas (UCSD) – Catholicism and Global Cultures

Dunstan, Adam (University of North Texas) – Anthropology of Christianity

Harding, Susan (University of California, Santa Cruz) – American Evangelicalisms

Haynes, Naomi and Jon Bialecki (University of Edinburgh) – Anthropology of Christianity

Hoenes del Pinal, Eric (NYU) – Language and Religion

Hoenes, del Pinal, Eric (UNC CHarlotte) – Christianity

Howell, Brian (Wheaton College) – Anthropology of Global Christianity [1/2 semester course]

King, Rebekka (Candler School of Theology, Emory University) – What is a Christian?

Loustau, Marc (College of the Holy Cross) – Introduction to Charismatic-Pentecostal Christianity

Timmer, Jaap (Macquarie University) – Religion and Ontology: Different Ways of Knowing?

Tomlinson, Matt (Australian National University) – From Jesus to Jerry Falwell