Mantsinen, “Migrations, transformations and tradition”

Mantsinen, Teemu T. 2016. Migrations, transformations and tradition in the Finnish Pentecostal movement: why does all global not become local?  Culture and Religion. Early online publication.

Abstract: In this article, I will outline the dynamics of social transformations and cultural preservation in the Finnish Pentecostal movement, which are caused and affected by different migrations in the history of the movement. With a history of hundred years, immersed by social and societal transformations, missionaries, new converts and new cultures, the Finnish Pentecostal movement has its own traditions, but nevertheless is constantly facing influences from different cultures. My aim in this article is to analyse the logics of transformation and preservation of Pentecostal religion and culture on a congregational level. I will compare two different migrations, the Karelian evacuation and the international immigration, as well as analyse the differences in acculturation between these groups. The analysis will include not only the language and cultural habits, but also the social situations, structures and the styles that matter in the way Pentecostalism transforms, and how migrant groups are acculturated within the church.

Hovi (ed), “Pentecostalism Around the Baltic Sea”

Hovi, Tuija (ed). 2015. Pentecostalism Around the Baltic Sea. Approaching Religion 5(1) (open-access issue).

Table of Contents

Editorial: Pentecostalism around the Baltic Sea.  Tuija Hovi, Ruth Illman

(Re-)Placing Pentecostalism: Swedish Mission and the idea of the Baltic.  Simon Michael Coleman

Research on Pentecostalism in Sweden.  Jan-Åke B Alvarsson

Pentecostal currents and individual mobility: visiting church services in Stockholm County.  Jessica Moberg

Conversion and the transformation of culture in the Finnish Pentecostal movement. Teemu T. Mantsinen

Charismatic Christianity and Pentecostal churches in Estonia from a historical perspective.  Ringo Ringvee

From Pentecost to ‘inner healing’: Religious change and Pentecostal developments in the post-socialist Lithuanian Catholic milieu. Saulius Matulevicius

Localising and accultering the global: The Healing Rooms prayer service network in Finland.  Tuija Hovi

Review ARticle: Pentecostalism in Finland: The Precarious beginning.  Nils G. Holm