Ingalls “Singing praise in the streets”

Ingalls, Monique M.  2012.  Singing praise in the streets: Performing Canadian Christianity through public worship in Toronto’s Jesus in the City parade.  Culture and Religion 13(3): 337-359.  

Abstract: Festivals, parades and other public cultural spectacles are important sites in which communities demarcate their boundaries and attempt to expand them by claiming public space. This article draws from ethnographic fieldwork at Toronto’s Jesus in the City parade, an annual event in which Toronto-area Christians take their message to the city’s downtown in a Carnival-style procession, to explore what Amanda Weidman has called the ‘politics of voice’ in the parade: how religious participants create, contest and negotiate various affiliations in the public sphere through their musical performance of congregational songs. Exploring what sounds are produced and why reveals how parade participants use musical performance on the city stage in their quest to define what it means to be a Christian, an ethnic minority and a Canadian in the twenty-first century.

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