EUID Guest Post: Our Year in Review

1514215_637765942953904_1340803496_nA letter from Edinburgh’s International Development Society incoming and out-going Presidents:

EUID’s 2014/15 year began with an entirely new committee, which made up for its lack of prior experience with plenty of enthusiasm. Our main objectives were to make EUID’s activities more accessible to undergraduates and to enhance its social media presence, both of which were achieved quickly as our first event in David Hume tower was a full house. Afterwards, we looked to structure our schedule to cohere to the Millennium Development Goals, which were due to expire. Particular highlights included a panel discussion on the different ways local gender dynamics affect work in the field. This included the GDA’s very own Zoe Marks as well as representatives from Mercy Corps and International Service.

The highlight of our year was International Development Week, in which we toiled to organise 12 events within one week. This included events with Edinburgh’s finest professors, World Development Movement, International Alert, the OECD, the German Government and, perhaps most importantly, soup purveyors, Union of Genius. As this year slowly tailed off with exams and essays occupying the committee members’ brain cells, we were able to relax slightly and interact with less obvious organisations such as the Swahili Club. Now that the term is finally done, we can thank all of the individuals and organisations (far too many to name here) that have engaged, helped and funded us, and attended our events. We also thank our outgoing committee members – Ines, Tina, and Marie – who worked tirelessly and cheerfully to make EUID as innovative, accessible, and fun as possible.

Looking ahead to 2015/16, we want to keep growing. 2014/15 has seen event attendance and on-campus visibility rise significantly. We want to keep going from here. We have expanded our committee from 5 to 8 members, hoping to express each member’s talent, enthusiasm and interest in development by implementing a wider range of development-related events. New event ideas and new partnerships will hopefully push the development discussion into new areas of student life. In this vein, we are planning events with Friends of MSF, Engineers Without Borders, the Scottish Government and local MSPs.

We plan to continue engaging with development by using a local and global perspective, casting an accessible, yet critical light over current issues. We are hoping to work more closely with the GDA and NIDOS (and its associate NGOs) to relay academic and practical expertise to students of all and any academic background, showing how active Edinburgh and Scotland are in development. Following our successful workshop-style events last year, we plan to emphasize how active students can be at and through Edinburgh University. By introducing them to the wonderful volunteering societies and NGOs we have been exposed to and contacted by, as well as by organising careers talks, we will offer a platform by which students can be active in international development.

We are very proud to stay on board with EUID, a project we want to see grow even more this coming year!

Alastair (Vice-President) & Chris (President)

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