What do we do ‘After Development’?

gda blog

We are pleased to launch the new blog for the Global Development Academy (GDA) at the University of Edinburgh! 

What do we do ‘after development’? What does it mean to address global challenges of unequal access to health and energy, food, clean water and sanitation today in the wake of 20th century development policies, plans and programmes? What happens when planned programmes of targeted social and economic change end, and how can we examine the diverse impacts of ‘development’ without romanticising local communities and cultural traditions? What happens when private sector actors – from large-scale multinational corporations to start-up social enterprises – become agents of development alongside governments and NGOs? What comes after ‘development’ as a cultural and political project? What does it mean to address global challenges of poverty after the idea of ‘development’ has been challenged and contested as a tool of power and control? How can we address global challenges of poverty, health, energy without being prescriptive? And, how can we celebrate the transformative potential of science and technology – from antibiotics and anti-retrovirals to mobile telephones and solar photovoltaic lanterns – whilst asking critical questions about the ways in which global public health is delivered or about how markets are made to work?

This blog – launched and hosted by the University of Edinburgh’s Global
Development Academy – is committed to practical actions, engaged research and informed critiques that address these questions in moments of crisis and the everyday.

Stay tuned for interesting and thought-provoking posts from academics, students and practitioners working to make practical and intellectual contributions to international development in the 21st century.

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