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Editing a Special Issue: Part 2

By Laura Harrison | This is the second instalment in a series about editing a special issue of the British Journal for Military History. If you missed part one, which outlines how we came to be editing a special issue… Continue reading →

Brexit? More like Stressxit

By Andreea Ros | Depending on how you look at it, this has been either a particularly good week to write about coping with Brexit stress or a particularly bad one. If, like me, you’ve managed to lull yourself into… Continue reading →

Auguri! Auguri! Italian graduations from a British point of view

By Sam Grinsell | For those of us who have only studied in one country, a ‘graduation ceremony’ has a fairly fixed meaning. In the UK, this generally involves hundreds of students in slightly absurd clothing lining up to receive… Continue reading →

Masters at Coping: Living with Invisible Illnesses and Mental Health in Academia

by Lisa Pearl McIntosh   Living with an invisible illness can be difficult. Add an academic workload to that weight and that difficulty level can reach untold heights. Illnesses not necessarily seen by the naked eye, such as gastrointestinal issues,… Continue reading →

Fear of Finishing

By Fraser Raeburn | It seems impossible, but the notion that I was in the process of ‘finishing’ my PhD somehow snuck up on me. Sure, I’ve told faintly sceptical friends and family that it was coming along (not too far… Continue reading →

How do you cope with PhD stress?

This week for a slightly different kind of post, we asked some of the Pubs and Pubs team ‘what has been the most stressful thing for you lately? How have you coped with this?’ Here is how we get through… Continue reading →

Not Only That We Can, But That We Do

Krysten Blackstone | There has been a lot of talk lately about women in academia.  Even here on Pubs and Pubs we had a post about it by Roseanna recently. For those who did not get a chance to read… Continue reading →

Five reasons to join the Pubs and Publications team

Today we launch our call for new committee members. Pubs and Publications, aka Pubs and Pubs, is run by and for postgraduate research students. We cover the highs, lows and confusions of life as a junior academic, everything from conference… Continue reading →

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