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What happens when you kneed to take a break from your PhD?

By Ian MacNeill | One aspect of pursuing a PhD that is rarely mentioned are the drop-out rates. An unscientific bout of Googlewhacking tells me that up to 50 percent of doctoral candidates will choose to discontinue (a more agreeable… Continue reading →

Travel Options for the Temporally and Financially Challenged PhD

By Fraser Raeburn | No one has ever completed a PhD by sitting very still in one place. Whether it be a brisk stroll over to the library, or an epic trek into the Himalayas in search of wisdom, we will… Continue reading →

Student Evaluations: Stop, Change or Continue?

By Fraser Raeburn | For the first time this year, I made my classes fill out anonymous student evaluations at the end of semester. To be honest, I would have done this earlier had I realised that providing tutorial-specific feedback wasn’t… Continue reading →

Can History stop #fakenews?

By Fraser Raeburn | #Fakenews is everywhere. While I wouldn’t go quite so far as Richard Evans and claim that we live in a postmodern, post-factual dystopia fuelled by literal interpretations of Foucault, we clearly live in a world where facts… Continue reading →

Postgraduate Privilege

By Fraser Raeburn | I recently read an article about unthinking privilege in the arts – the slow realisation of a writer that rich kids don’t just grow up to be doctors and lawyers, but also dominate the artistic world, because… Continue reading →

Conference, seminar, sandpit: are there other ways to exchange our research?

By Alexander Coupe | When we meet other researchers at conferences are we really listening? Is this meeting establishing a common language between our projects? I would suggest that we often enter into academic encounters not in the name of understanding… Continue reading →

The Hows of Plan B: Careers outside Academia (Part 2)

By Edwin Goi | In my previous article, I suggested that PhD students who are considering a career outside academia should prove their competence in the non-academic world and make themselves more attractive to employers through professional certifications. This could be… Continue reading →

Your PhD Desk (And What It Says About You)

By Fraser Raeburn | Whether it be in an actual office, or merely a small table in a local café that you jealously guard against encroachment, we all have our own little PhD homes at which to work, write and procrastinate…. Continue reading →

Annie the Academic: Eating Disorders and the PhD

By Anonymous | While working part-time as an undergrad, my co-workers called me “Annie”, and not because I had curly red hair, could carry a tune, and had been adopted in the jackpot of all adoptions by a billionaire. No, they… Continue reading →

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