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The PhD Experience

How to Rewrite Goodly

By Richard Parfitt |   Last year, I wrote a blog on here giving my best tips for planning and writing chapter drafts of your thesis. I was pretty confident back then. Writing is my favourite part of the PhD process…. Continue reading →

Recover and Prepare: The Limbo Period Between Degrees

by Forrest Strickland  | You decide to turn your alarm off so you can sleep in. After all, there are no assignments—no paper deadlines to meet, no reading lists to work through, no works to translate. Besides dealing with the… Continue reading →

Up the Workshop!

Roseanna Doughty | A few weeks ago, one of my undergraduate students asked ‘what is race?’. This triggered perhaps the most useful discussion I have had all semester. We spend the rest of the tutorial arguing about definitions of race, the… Continue reading →

Life after a PhD: Adjusting to the World Outside of the Ivory Tower

By: Luke Kirwan | Getting to the end of your doctorate is a fantastic experience. It’s the goal you’ve worked towards for 3+ years. Somewhere along the line you’ve probably thought about the post-PhD world, but the doctorate is all-consuming… Continue reading →

The Dangers of Wishful Thinking

By Anna Maguire | I have a guilty habit. As I click through my social media cycle and vow to stop scrolling and start writing/reading/getting a life, there’s something that I always return to: property sites. Not just because I am… Continue reading →

Is the ‘self’ becoming another point to score on a framework of excellence?

By Jessica Douthwaite | The place of one’s ‘self’ within the research process is a subject that no historian can avoid. Subjectivity has become an essential facet of academia, respected because it takes into account the personal influences that impact our… Continue reading →

Postgraduate Privilege

By Fraser Raeburn | I recently read an article about unthinking privilege in the arts – the slow realisation of a writer that rich kids don’t just grow up to be doctors and lawyers, but also dominate the artistic world, because… Continue reading →

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