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The magical powers of coffee (and tea)

By Amy Wooldridge | In a follow-up to her previous post about conference networking, Amy Wooldridge returns to tell us how to use coffee and tea as networking tools No matter how many times my fellow scientists deny it, based… Continue reading →

Can History stop #fakenews?

By Fraser Raeburn | #Fakenews is everywhere. While I wouldn’t go quite so far as Richard Evans and claim that we live in a postmodern, post-factual dystopia fuelled by literal interpretations of Foucault, we clearly live in a world where facts… Continue reading →

Letter to a young PhD student

by Hortense Le Ferrand |   Dear young PhD student, Having successfully graduated from my PhD in material science, I would like to pass on some advice so that you can fully enjoy the next few years. Since I did… Continue reading →

Stop Trying to Read Everything: 3 Tips for Determining What to Read

By Drew Thomas |   The biggest lesson I’ve learned as a postgraduate student is that it’s impossible to read everything. Of course, no new postgrad believes this and spends the first month or so attempting to read at an… Continue reading →

My PhD and My ADHD

By: Devin Grier | There is a ‘rule of thirds’ when diagnosing Attention Hyperactive Deficit Disorder: One-third of children who are diagnosed with ADHD grow out of it, one-third continue to display symptoms in adulthood, and the remaining third represents those… Continue reading →

Easy A(djustment): Surviving The First-Year

By: Krysten Blackstone | I went into my PhD with slightly rose-tinted glasses in regards to the size of the adjustment that was ahead of me. While I knew the academic side of things would be different, I did not… Continue reading →

The Quest for Money

By Marc Jaffré | ‘Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference’. When Barack Obama uttered these words it is unlikely that he had PhDs or academia in mind, but they carry great meaning for PhD students… Continue reading →

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