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The PhD Experience

Creating and participating in a postgraduate community

By Sophie Allen | Partaking in postgraduate study can be – and in my experience – is very daunting. Moving to a new institution for my Masters encouraged me to get involved and make the effort to attend organised events… Continue reading →

A Journey into the Unknown: some advice on PhD fieldwork

By Ian MacNeill | Unlike Deiderik Strubbe, whose fieldwork related mishap is one of many amusing anecdotes included in Jim Jourdane’s recent illustrated collection of ‘Fieldwork Fails,’ (Handy link here), I cannot claim to have once been detained by a… Continue reading →

Mastering the Pre-PhD Experience

By Charlotte Lauder | The move from undergraduate to postgraduate is a daunting, yet exciting one. As you move cities, countries, or even just accommodation, you look forward to cracking on with more studying and reading, and to experience life… Continue reading →

More Insights of an International Student – and our 3rd Birthday!

By Laura Harrison | This week Pubs and Publications turns three! In that time we have had 301 posts from 128 contributors, and 117,516 overall views. We have done a fair amount of celebratory posts in the past including our… Continue reading →

The Solidarity of Doubt: UK Higher Education strikes

By Sam Grinsell and Krysten Blackstone | With strikes looming in many UK universities, PhD students and Early Career Researchers (ECRs) find themselves trying to work out where they fit in to this sector wide debate. At least, those who… Continue reading →

Opening up about teaching

By Sam Grinsell | Back in 2016, I worked for six months in a Technology Enhanced Learning department. You might also come across these groups under names such as Educational Technologies or Learning and Teaching, it varies from institution to… Continue reading →

Are you sitting comfortably? Ergonomics and eye tests

By Julie Leiper | I had an ergonomic assessment at home last week. Why you may ask? Let me backtrack a little…. As a distance learning PhD student, my office is at home. No hot-desking for me, nor do I… Continue reading →

PhD by Distance – The way of the Future?

By Julie Leiper I am undertaking a PhD via distance learning. This may not be a route you are familiar with, indeed I only really heard about it myself 10 months ago, and that was from random Google searches during… Continue reading →

Doing a PhD far from home? How to get settled and feel at home in your new surroundings

Congratulations! You’re starting your PhD and that’s a huge deal! Sometimes, however, that includes moving to a new place and it can be hard to feel at home right away.  While I don’t know too much about PhD life yet… Continue reading →

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