Dr Andrew Shepard

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Affiliation: University of Manchester and North West of England NHS Deanery

I’m currently employed as a Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry at the University of Manchester and Higher Trainee in Forensic Psychiatry, North West of England NHS Deanery.
My research interests relate to exploring the boundaries surrounding the understanding of concepts of mental distress – including the expression of personal distress in varying institutional settings and the interaction between different agents in constructing understanding of ‘disorder.’
Email: andrew.shepherd3@nhs.net

“Borderline States of Mind and destructive Feelings: A diagnosis for our times?” 5th May 2017

ASPD in Context — Cross Disciplinary Perspectives on ‘anti-social personality disorder’
Borderline States of Mind and Destructive Feelings: A diagnosis for our times?
The Institute of Group Analysis, London NW3 5BY

Dr Sheryl Prentice

Sheryl Prentice

Affiliation: Lancaster University

Sheryl Prentice (PhD, Lancaster, UK) is currently a researcher on the Native Language Influence Detection 6 project at Lancaster University, UK. She is a member of Lancaster University’s Corpus Approaches to Social Science Centre (CASS) and the University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language (UCREL). She specializes in the psycho-linguistic study of violent extremism from a multidisciplinary perspective, particularly via the use of automated approaches. She has published papers on the use of corpus linguistic methods in the study of online counter(terrorism) and radicalization, and nationalism.

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Dr Laura A. Cariola

Laura Cariola

Affiliation: University of Edinburgh

I am a linguist and psychologist with a special interest in psychodynamic concepts that underpin language behaviour and social interactions. Currently, I am a research assistant in Clinical Psychology at the University of Edinburgh. My research relates to public health, such as perinatal mental health and adolescents’ online behaviour.

Most of my research relates to the concept of body image boundaries and how it influences language behaviour in relation to autobiographical memories and psychotherapy processes.

I am also the co-founding editor (together with Dr. Andrew Wilson) of the journal ‘Language and Psychoanalysis’. The ‘Language and Mind Network’ which aims to bring together individuals with an interest in the intersection of language and psychology, including psychotherapy, clinical psychology and the humanities, and thus to encourage dialogue and collaboration.

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