The DGBL project is a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) joint venture involving the University of Edinburgh and Nosebleed Interactive Ltd, and is funded by Innovate UK. It is a collaborative project to design, develop and evaluate a novel web-based entertainment platform as an innovative method for teaching English to Chinese children.

Nosebleed Interactive (based in Newcastle) is an independent computer game developer working on internally created games, as well as games for outside customers, on a wide range of platforms including the Sony Playstation. While Nosebleed began with a focus on creating computer gaming products for entertainment, it has also developed a more diverse portfolio of social and commercial projects. Nosebleed recently finished a project to deliver a new healthcare service focusing on the gamification of rehabilitative therapy for stroke patients, developing a system that could easily be understood and used by players who were not necessarily computer literate and/or had limited mobility. Nosebleed’s current projects include a game inspired social platform for a major northern utility company.